Stripchat Review

4.8 / 5

Stripchat is an enjoyable cam site. You have a huge range of webcam models and good costs to watch them at. Most of the webcam rooms on the site are not in HD, but Stripchat scales up the quality of the video feed, so it actually appears lot better than you would anticipate. Stripchat is capable of 4K video, but only in the VR chat rooms.

In comparison to similar free cam sites, Stripchat is generally a little more pricey. However, you get a lot cleaner interface and a better tagging system instead. The site is entirely freemium in nature, yet there aren’t any ads, giving it a truly premium feel.


Stripchat entered the adult cam scene quite recently. Only started in 2016, the website. Despite being relatively new, the site has already received numerous honors from AW-Awards and LALExpo. Along with the site itself, some of Stripchat’s models have been nominated and honored in a number of categories. 

Considering how recent Stripchat has been, it has amassed an incredibly huge number of hosts. It’s simple to understand why Stripchat can charge a little bit more than the competition when you consider what it has accomplished. 

For comparison, the cheapest rooms on the majority of other freemium websites cost roughly $0.60 per minute, whereas they cost $0.80 on Stripchat. The price difference isn’t significantly greater, but if you use something frequently, it can mount up.

Comparison of Pros and Cons



Webcam Models

StripChat has a wide variety of girls available. Many of the models on the website display a little flag of their home nation to identify themselves. You’re not only allowed to date women from a specific region of the world. There are a lot of Asian and Latina women as well as a lot of European women. Even some Arabs, who are extremely uncommon on cam services, can be found there.

You aren’t only able to search for a cam girl based on her race. Additionally, you have the choice to search by age or body type. There are several chat rooms to pick from, regardless of the one you chose. 

On StripChat, the girls will be in various stages of undress. The females strip for requests and objectives on a freemium cam site. You can either join a show where the female is already nude or you can enter a room with a dressed-up girl with the goal of convincing her to strip off.

Chat Options

Free Video ChatEveryone is welcome to watch the free chat rooms on Stripchat. However, the number of rooms you can open at once will be constrained if you haven’t registered. Numerous girls can be seen playing with their fingers or other toys in the free chat rooms, which are rife with gratuitous nudity. The majority of the cam females employ a game. As long as someone is tipping, the free rooms are thrilling. The rooms might become extremely crowded, therefore. If you want the cam girl to pay you any attention, you typically need to tip.

Private Chat – You have the chance to remove the cam girl from the crowd during private shows so she can concentrate on you. Other users can watch the model while you are in a private show, but they won’t be able to see what you are doing. Please be aware that Cam2Cam on Stripchat does not include private shows. A different mode is available for cam2cam.

Cam2Cam Chat – You can activate your webcam and microphone for cam2cam action in the true private show mode of cam2cam chat. These shows are not watchable by other users. Although some girls charge the same for both types of chats, typically cam2cam chats are more expensive than private chats.

VR Shows –One of the few cam services with VR cam shows is Stripchat. Online, you can typically locate anywhere between 4 and 20 rooms. When you use a VR headset in these rooms, the streaming is in 4K. The majority of cam females that use virtual reality have higher fees. For VR to function, you must download and install an application.

Video Quality

The website ramps up the video quality of the rooms, as was already indicated, so everything seems more than passable. However, the majority of the webcam rooms on the website only have 720 HD resolution. This is unfortunate because 4K streaming cam sites are now available, and they aren’t just for VR headsets.

The picture up top is in 720 HD. a decent illustration of the most typical resolution that can be seen on the website. As you can see, the cam girl is attractive, and the video quality is excellent. 

The HD chat rooms do have labels, but they are small and frequently get lost in the sea of nudity. You must select View All Categories+ in order to see only the HD rooms. On the list of extended categories, HD might be based. 

Having said that, even non-HD rooms typically have excellent visual quality. The review’s opening image is only 480p, yet it still looks fantastic.

Mobile Site

Although a little disorganized, Stripchat’s mobile website is good. Compared to the PC version, it could take some getting used to. To switch between the rooms, tap the video screen and then the arrow in the bottom right corner. However, you can only switch in one way at a time.

Unfortunately, Stripchat is one of the cam sites where it’s difficult to type while watching the show. The top half of the screen will vanish, and the keyboard will appear from the bottom. While only the bottom half of the room will be visible to you, you may still see what is happening there.

Further Details

You can add the albums, photos, and videos that you buy from the model profiles to the website’s My Collection section. On the homepage’s upper left corner, you may see your media. 

Depending on the model you are interested in, you can purchase varying amounts of supplementary media. You’ll discover that some cam girls release fresh images and videos on a weekly basis while others hardly ever do. 

You should keep in mind that if you are interested in a certain cam girl but don’t see any material you want to purchase, you can always ask her to make a custom film.


On Stripchat, registering is quick and simple. An email address and a user name are all you need. If you’d like, you may click to have the website create a user name for you or sign in using your Google account. 

In a chat room, your user name is quite significant. Although you have the choice to have one generated automatically, we advise attempting to come up with something on your own.


On Stripchat, pricing can be as low as 8 tokens per minute and as high as 120 tokens per minute. The cost ranges from $0.80 per minute to $12.00 per minute at more or less $1 each token. You will earn a higher discount the more tokens you buy. You receive a 10% discount when you purchase 200 tokens, while a 25% discount is given when you purchase 2255 tokens.

LiveJasmin costs vary by location, so be sure to check the site before making a purchase. The United States appears to have the lowest pricing. Free credits are included with every credit package purchase, and the larger the package, the greater the discount.

The new LiveJasmin cam models on the site all have a flat pricing of 0.98 credits per minute for a private conversation. Experienced models typically request between 2 and 3 credits per minute. That works out to between $2.50 and $3.50 per minute if you choose the maximum plan. 

For only $1.20, you can enjoy a 15-minute VIP or regularly scheduled performance. In order to discover a suitable model at your desired pricing, you may need to repeatedly reload the website. There is a cost to add a second camera and audio. You should expect to pay anywhere from 1.00 to 2.00 credits per minute for each extra. 

Rooms with models who have the words “Newbie,” “Amateur,” or “Birthday” in their profile pictures will cost you the least. Rooms can be sorted in many different ways, including by pricing, model type, fetish, and more.

Payment Methods


Stripchat is one of the safest live cam services you can use, even if the majority of camming platforms are secure. Thousands of users use Stripchat to protect your identity while keeping it private and secure. The business makes privacy a top priority and carefully guards your personal information. 

You will notice the security features created into your account as soon as you sign up. We were delighted with Stripchat’s efforts to safeguard credentials in our review. You are confident that the product you are utilizing is of a high caliber from authentication to encryption. 

You’ll note the website uses HTTPS, which adds security. As a result, a secure connection is guaranteed, and security industry criteria are met. Additionally, this will safeguard users when they log in or submit any billing information.

Bottom line

There is much to enjoy on Stripchat. The other gender categories are very good, and there are lots of lovely cam girls to select from.

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